14 days of Instagram training. GET YOUR IG ON!

Day 1

instaDAY 1

Our official Instagram training has begun!!! I am SUPER excited about this for two reasons:

1. I LOVE to learn new things. And although I am training you, I am also learning WITH you. I am no Instagram professional…but I will be by the time this training is over 😘…and you will be too.

2. I can not WAIT to see what happens with our businesses when we start utilizing our Instagram market WITH our Facebook market….the possibilities are endless!!!

I HOPE YOU HAVE STARTED THAT IG ACCOUNT. If not, then you are already behind and not utilizing that free marketing power and missing out on those potential customers and contacts.

So with that, let’s start by discussing a basic marketing plan for IG. There are a lot of tactics to advance your cause within Instagram, but if you don’t have a basic marketing strategy outline, then you risk aimlessly and unproductively going from activity to activity with out a clear direction. No one wants to be wasting their precious time, right? Isn’t that the purpose of being a networking professional? Time freedom?

The following marketing strategy has been proven effective for hundreds of different businesses. The steps are as follows:

The first step in a solid plan on IG has to be a well crafted profile. A profile that has authority and credibility is important. Your profile lets existing customers as well as prospective customers know what you’re using IG for, and what they can expect. What is the name of your Instagram account? Is obvious to your potentials what your intention is? It’s important to make it clear to current and prospective customers. Your description and profile picture are your tools for building a strong profile. A powerful profile will have the following attributes:

1. A professional headshot or nicely formatted Younique logo

2. A welcoming greeting

3. A clear statement about your role in the Younique or what our company does

4. A link to your website

5. A call to action, such as “Follow me, or check me out at..”

6. A brief description of the products you promote and what types of images you’ll share.

Your absolute best launch strategy is having your existing customers find and follow you on IG. WHY? They will find and follow their friends when they create a IG account, and then they will find and follow you. When they like your images, their friends will be exposed to your images…therefore, your marketing reach is quadrupled. AWESOME!!!!

Your image strategy is a vital part of your success. If there is one strategic issue to resolve when creating your marketing plan it is, WHAT IS MY IMAGE SHARING STRATEGY? You want to become a visual curator for your followers, sharing things that you think they will appreciate. You should take a quality over quantity approach to your image sharing on Instagram. You are trying to instill confidence in your followers. Post motivational quotes, speak from the heart when you post an image, let them take a peak into your life thru random pictures of yourself or family. Post about YOUNIQUE, but do not over post. You are not desperate, you are sharing this awesome product, not pushing it. This is your company & your lifestyle- show the world WHY you love being a presenter.

There is probably a reason that your random IG followers will start following you. To point out the obvious- they saw something in your profile that they liked, and they want to see more of it. Do you know what it is? It might be one of the following concepts:
* an insiders view- showing your followers a look at how you do things is sometimes very appealing. How are you running your own company? What does it involve? How does someone get started?
* a view of your private life. Your followers will likely appreciate seeing you live an exciting life. Make your private life pictures appealing and entertaining.
* a preview of upcoming products. A sneak peak is an easy way to engage mentally and emotionally with your customers.

Make sure that your marketing strategy serves your customers and prospects with relevant images not just randomness.

So, have you started your account? Have you started sharing pictures? Have you began to think about how you are going to utilize IG to grow your business?

Today’s task: Ask your Facebook family to follow you on Instagram. Ask your business page followers to follow you on Instagram. ASK THE WORLD!!!!!


Day 2


As marketers, we want to understand everything we can about how the social networking aspect of IG works so that we can leverage the platform for maximum impact. I am so excited that we are learning about Instagram together!!!

Instagram is “social media lite”, meaning that the culture is not very conversational and no one expects you to do much talking. (Unlike Facebook, which is conversation intensive) it is also less labor intensive than Facebook. With Instagram there is a culture of sharing and engagement that has real power. The social sharing elements of Instagram are really the basis for our marketing plan. The primary question you should be asking yourself is “How can I serve my current and future customers effectively on this site?” “What is it I’m trying to obtain by using this site? Party hostesses? Customers? Team members?” “How am I branding myself?” If you were to go into your Instagram profile with clean eyes, and no clue as to who YOU are…what would your profile say to you. Be honest with yourself. Make changes if you need to. Give your IG family the best you possible.

If you didn’t call your followers into action yesterday, do it today. You can simply ask them to follow you via your Instagram web page, such as http://Instagram.com/BeYouniqueByToni. If they are already Instagram users, they can log in and begin following you (they do not need to interact with their phones to complete this process). When they go to their IG app on their phones, your images will begin showing up in their feeds.

Why am I so adamant about you asking your friends to follow you on Instagram? Because those followers are a key to your SUCESS. You’ve given them a way to introduce you to THEIR friends. Each time they find a new friend on IG and begin being followed, your network of social sharing EXPANDS……cool huh?!!

So how do you get the right people to follow you? And how do you choose who you’re going to follow? Let’s look at groups of people.

Let’s say 100 of your existing customers join Instagram and they begin following you. Let’s say that each them has 25 followers, and they also follow a different group of 25 people. When you add it all up, that is 5000 people who know that you are associated with your current customers. You can literally see all of these peoples profiles and their IG images if you simply take the time to look at the lists.

It stands to reason that this group would make great prospects. Imagine the social impact if all 5000 followed you. It is better to build a following made up of interested prospects than it is a following of random people. So your social behavior needs to be intentionally targeted. Don’t just follow people because they have pretty pictures, follow people because they are good prospects.

There is one thing I want you to remember: if you follow 5,000 people but only have 100 followers, you will look like a spammer. You don’t want to look like a spammer, and controlling the number of people you follow versus the number of people following you is a vital part of managing that perception.

So you need to be smart about how you pursue those 5000 prospective customers. Overtime, what you will realize is that posting images is just one part of the marketing strategy- the second part, and probably the more important part, is the ongoing activity of following, liking, and commenting.

To pursue your 5000 prospects begin following them in small batches of 40-50. By following them in batches and waiting a few days, you will see who follows you back. If they follow you back, you should consider them interested in you, or our products or company. If they didn’t follow you, then you can consider them not interested and unfollow them. Then, REPEAT.

A second follow strategy is to begin to follow those who use the same hashtags you use, or the hashtags associated with the brand you are trying to build for yourself.

A third strategy is to begin to like and comment on their photos. I will cover these substantial strategies in greater detail later on in the training. I realize I’m getting long winded and giving you a ton of reading material. I do appreciate you taking the time to read my training and put it into action. We are building an empire together..and Instagram is just the next step smile emoticon

Your task today: take some time to check out the profiles of your followers friends. Choose 40-50 of them and start following them.


Day 3


Your social media strategy on Instagram needs to have laser like focus. If you want to grow your profile aggressively, make it your practice to do the following activities on IG each day:

* post two- four pictures 
* follow 40 people
* like 100 pictures
* unfollow 20 people who are not following you. 

(Remember to keep managing your perception when following and unfollowing. Do not come off as a spammer)

Why like 100 pictures!? Wow, that seems like a lot, right?! It should take you less then 10 minutes. Click on your home button and start liking away.

Liking images is the fastest and easiest way to get noticed by prospective customers. Simply like a few of their photos, and they will notice you. It’s like introducing yourself in a friendly way. If you want to grow your followership very quickly, begin liking tons of images. Don’t underestimate the power of simply liking peoples pictures. You will add hundreds, if not thousands of followers if you faithfully like pictures everyday.

The nice part about liking people’s images is that it will get you noticed, but it does not have the negative consequences associated with following a lot of people. In other words, people won’t accuse you of being a spammer if you simply like 100 pictures a day.

Take the liking one step further and leave some comments! Leave a sincere comment, ask a question about the picture, make a statement related to the photo. If you’re being sincere, this is a fantastic way to get your name in front of a lot of people. Not only will the person who posted the image notice, but the persons friend who also liked the picture with notice!

Tag their IG name in your comment. You do this by placing a “@” in front of their name…. For example: @beyouniquebytoni followed by the comment.

Remember, Instagram is not conversationally intensive, but it still requires social actions. Never fall into the habit of just posting pictures without engaging socially. If you take the time to post the picture, take the time to comment or like others photos. Create activity goals for yourself so that you can be proactive about engaging socially!!!

Today’s task: like 100 pictures and leave 10 comments. Time yourself. See how long it really takes. Remember to keep focused on the task. Do not start wasting time reading everyone else’s comments or forget to like pictures because you’re distracted with other pictures….. LASER focus.

Day 4


We want to grow our Instagram profiles as quickly as possible up to a level that most people would conceder respectable. Having 1,000 followers seems like a acceptable standard.

Work hard to get 1,000 followers as quickly as you can. Everyone has to start somewhere, but with 1,000 fans or more, you will generally be seen as having a relevant profile. Once you hit that 1,000 milestone, don’t stop. Hit 2,000, 3,000, ECT. Like it or not, the number of followers you have is one of the primary methods by which people verify credibility. The sad truth is paradoxical: people will follow popular people (or companies) more easily than they will unpopular people (or companies).

One of the primary action steps in your marketing plan should be inviting your existing customers and fans to follow you on Instagram. (You know I’m going to keep telling you to do that until you have every single one of your customers following you, right? 😎) I have 600-something likes on my facebook fan page, if I could get all of those “likers” to follow me on IG, could you imagine the social impact?! The larger your social reach on other media platforms, the faster you will be able to catalyze growth on your Instagram and move past your initial growth!l Use your facebook business page to get those followers on Instagram.

Heres a great idea about offering some sort of giveaway to people who follow you on IG and share your business page. This is an idea that I am most definitely going to put into play. Remember, you can not offer incentives of any kind on your personal facebook page OR your business page OR on your Instagram…you can however, offer this giveaway in your closed private groups. You can track this by asking your prospects to use a specific hashtag. For example ‪#‎mascaragiveaway‬– I would recommend searching hashtags before choosing one to make sure it’s not involved in any haters clubs smile emoticon you just never know. 😱

You need to answer one question for your existing customers: WHY would I follow you on Instagram if I’m already following you Facebook?

The answer to that question is what you might call your “Instagram value proposition”. You are going to want to position your Instagram account as a new service for your existing customers. Here is how I’m doing this, you can use it, or tweak it to make it work best for you:

Facebook: General news and conversations. Messaging potential hostesses and posting informative information on business page. Asking for the sale (in a non-salesy manner) keeping my customers informed on the products.

Pinterest: a collection of things I love.

YOUTUBE: my videos…an array of my personality.

Instagram: Focused on being a DS networking professional. Sharing my love for marketing, motivating women, and sharing the love of my business. Flashing some fabulous photos of our AMAZING products. A view of my private life. My main goal via Instagram is to prospect and recruit.

As we talked about yesterday, using the basic social behaviors on Instagram will help build up your number of followers. These behaviors are not complicated, but they do take some time. A refresher of these behaviors:
* liking others pictures within your niche
* following other users
* commenting on other users images
* responding to comments users have made on your pictures

Your daily task: like 100 pictures (and while you’re busy “liking”, make sure to like all of your girlfriends pictures. I think we should use my made up hashtag “‪#‎millionairein4years‬“, comment on 10 pictures (comment on prospects, not Ysisters) and unfollow 20 people. (Make sure you don’t unfollow anyone who is following you) …..and ASK for those followers on facebook!!!!!!! You can do it with out just ASKING by posting a great photo with the comment “see more by following me on IG at http://Instagram.com/BeYouniqueByToni“. Let’s do this!!!


Day 5


We are five days into this training…are you noticing any growth on yourInstagram profile? Are you having fun?!!! (Remember, if you’re loving what you’re doing, then you’re not working, you’re PLAYING!) are you staying laser focused and completing the daily tasks? I’ve noticed growth just since I’ve started this training. Don’t forget, as I’m training you, I’m also learning with you and putting these methods into action.

Today I want to talk to you about what NOT to do. It’s just as important that you are totally knowledgeable about what not to do inside of your profile as it is to know what you should do. 

Having a profile that frightens people is a bad move. Social media is filled with creepers, bots, spammers and whakos- and you do not want people thinking that you fall into any of those categories. So what should you avoid to make sure you don’t?

1. Do not use a odd profile name. Make it clear who you are and what you’re about. You should have a clear and easy to understand name.

2. It is also important to not that your profile name is one piece of information. Your profile name and your name are two different things. Your profile name forms your IG account user information- http://Instagram.com/BeYouniqueByToni…..your name shows up in theInstagram app under your profile picture. So, if you are wise about using them both together, you can clarify who you are using a combination of both.

3. Leaving weird comments. Your comments should be kind and friendly, but not weird. There are a million ways to make a weird comment, but it would certainly include messages that don’t make sense or are too personal.

4. Liking personal images. Believe it or not, liking personal images could target you as a creeper. If someone is sharing 50 pictures of lakes And flowers along with one or two pictures of their friends….like the flowers, not the friends.

5. Make sure your choosing images that will resonate with your target market. Remember, you are trying to build your brand and promote your business. Your images should be enjoyable to your followers. This may require a bit of customer research and thoughtful analysis.

6. Choose images that are high quality. This is a no brainer really. I’m not going to waste your time as to WHY….we are smart girls here💋💜

7. Chose images that will not offend anyone.

Inappropriate content can totally damage your brand and business. Consider what you’re sharing.

Task of the day: like 100 images, follow 40 people, go thru your profile pictures, delete anything that is not relevant to the brand you are trying to build for yourself.

Day 6


Let’s dive into learning how to use Instagram for advertising. There are a TON of ways you can advertise on one small little photo. Don’t worry, we are going to master the art of tasteful display advertising, not the lame, spammy type. But before we do that, we need to understand all of the ways in which we can include writing on Instagram.

You might be surprised at how many writing elements you can include as you share your Instagram image. (See the photo I posted with this) there are two broad categories of writing in Instagram: writing on the image itself, and the writing that is off the image. Let’s look at both:

OFF IMAGE: there are three main off image elements- your profile name, comments or responses to comments, and image caption. Let’s break these down.

1. Profile name: create a profile name that serves your purpose. What is it you are trying to connect with people about – does your profile name tell those people what you’re about?

2. Comments or responses to comments: you can add additional information in the comments section, and your customers can comment, providing you an opening for additional information. (I have been going to my very first IG posts and adding hashtags and comments to boost them up again)

3. Image Caption: This is your primary location for exposing your image. Say something creative, informative, witty. This is where your personality will shine thru.

ON IMAGE: Although IG doesn’t allow you to write or post logos onto your pictures thru the app itself, there are many ways to get around this limitation and bring words to life on your images. (Pic Monkey, A Beautiful mess, ECT.) Once you figure out how to add information to your pictures, the opportunities are endless. Let’s take a look at a few basic ways to enhance your images.

1. Logo: you will have to decide how disciplined you are willing to be when it comes to adding a logo to your images. In some cases it may be great marketing…in others, it could be a waste of your time. I suggest adding a logo only to the pictures you actually created yourself.

2. Pricing information: according to the Shopify.com team, Pinterest pins with pricing information about receive 36% more likes than pins without pricing information. Would that statistic hold true with Instagram? You will have to test it to find out.

3. Launch dates: when we have new products coming out…why not post the pictures of them with a launch date? The announcement of something adds hype. Hype up the new products.

4. Final sale date: as with the “launch date”… Final sale dates create a sense of urgency. Including a message related to when the product will be stopped forever is a terrific way to get people deciding to buy.

Your daily tasks:
*Boost those older posts in your IG profile by adding new hashtags to the comments, or creating a whole new comment under your post. (To edit your comments on the image simply tap on the image, followed by the three dots located on the bottom right hand side. )

*like 100 pictures, leave ten comments, follow 40 new people, unfollow 20

*create a picture of your own…add a on image message or logo


Day 7


Think about a time when you were in a conversation that didn’t interest you. Infact, you just couldn’t wait to walk away! The topic was boring and you had a hard time even pretending to WANT to listen. And, to add insult to injury, the conversation was with someone you didn’t even care to be around. I’d imagine you were trying to be polite, but you really couldn’t wait to change the subject…or better yet, walk away.

Now, think back to a conversation where someone talked to you about a REALLY exciting topic. One you were highly engaged in, and the person you were engaging with was someone you highly respected, someone you secretly admired, someone you wanted to build a closer relationship with. I bet you were emotionally engaged, eager to share your perspective, full of questions and generally happy and ready to keep the conversation rolling. 

In online advertising…the bored will walk away, and if they decide they don’t like you- they will run. YOUR JOB IS TO BRAND YOURSELF AND YOUR PRODUCTS AS NEWSWORTHY.

If you have your target audience right, then your overall goal from that point is to share images with comments that lead to viewer questions. “Logical Flow”- set up your comments and images in such a manner that you can actually anticipate the questions someone might ask. Your goal is to start a social conversation. An interesting conversation. An APPEALING one. You won’t achieve IG success by being boring, annoying, or overly spammy in your approach.

You are trying to create an environment that proposes just two logical outcomes- buying the product, or joining the fun and becoming a presenter. On Instagram, you set the mood. People’s interest can be peaked and their curiosity and enthusiasm can be sparked. If they are seeking to buy, you can send them to your website, if they are prospective team mates, you can ask them to friend you on Facebook so that you may message them and invite them to check out your business page.

If your Instagram followers begin checking out your website and making purchases, or leading conversations that end up on your Facebook…then your IG marketers job was a success.

Your daily tasks: like 100 pictures, unfollow 20 people, comment on 10 pictures…make your comments attractive and engaging.

Day 8


As humans, we all like to look at pictures that stir up some sort of emotional chord with us: vacation destinations, gourmet cuisine, sunsets, shoes, dresses, pretty faces. (Eh hem, DREAM boards anyone?) We aren’t necessarily responding to the technical brilliance of the image, we are responding to the emotional ride that that certain image takes us on.

There are powerful emotions at play when we see images on Instagram, just like there are when we see them on Facebook, tv, the movies or in a magazine. Images provoke thoughts and feelings that are the basis for making our buying decision. Let’s focus on tapping into these deep seated emotions and how we can weave them into our Instagram posts. If we can apply the following factors into our posts in the right way, then positive results will come from our hard work!

“Love” is a common reply to an image. The message is pretty clear, isn’t it? No other information is required. We should strive to provide our followers with images they “love”. People love food, places, clothing and puppies….think about how you can boost their love for our products. I LOVE our mascara…and I want others to love it too. People are constantly loving something….get them to love Younique.

Desire comes in many shapes and sizes. People have a deep desire to own things. Part of the sales process is installing a sense of desire in a prospect. Desire to join your company, desire to own the products, and then building that to a higher level by by helping that person find fulfillment by either joining you or purchasing the product.

The primary goal of customer engagement is to build a following of strong advocates that feel a personal involvement in the success of your business. Did that resonate with you? Read that sentence again: The primary goal of customer engagement is to build a following of strong advocates that feel a personal involvement in the success of your business.

Make sure you are thanking your customers, via Instagram. (Make sure your customers are following you on IG…just another reason to make sure you are asking for those followers!) make sure you are taking care of those customers on every social media account you are controlling. When people see you as sincere and thankful with a cheery heart, they like to know that they are the reason, or that they play a part. Be thankful.

People need to rationalize a buying decision, they need an excuse to feel okay about what they’ve just bought. An excuse can come in a number of ways: SALES, Buy ONE get ONE, FREE shipping with orders over $100….excuse after excuse smile emoticon am I right? A beautiful image of our products provides them an excuse to like it and share it. Share those excuses. Your ad goes further when someone likes or shares.

People want to know what the products that we sell are like. They want to know what it’s like to run a business from home. And you want them to realize that they can not experience it unless they order from your website, or join you. In a retail environment a dress can be picked up, tried on, and felt, in a virtual environment the only solution for curiosity is to order the item. Your images can fuel your prospects curiosity. And remember, a good quality photo, that is zoomed and offers incredible detail will get people thinking “I wonder what those pressed powders feel like?” Good photography raises more questions than it answers….and that’s a good thing.

Do your images on IG position your personal story as intriguing, captivating, and fun? The opportunity to reveal a story that is a journey, is a strong emotional trigger for potential followers and customers.

Urgency is one of the best sales tools available. As a marketer, you can introduce a sense of urgency as you create ads, or you can do it by simply explaining the details of a sale in your Instagram caption.

When something is rare, people inevitably want it more than when it’s not. (Lip stain, anyone? Presenters perk maybe?…hahaha) Featuring an item that is limited time, will tell people that they are going to have to act quickly, and not delay.

Your daily task: like 100 pictures, comment on ten pictures, follow 40 people


Day 9


I hope that you girls are still having fun learning together about Instagram. I have had so much fun learning more about how to market on this social media platform!!!

Did you know that there are only 300 Million monthly users on Instagram as of 12/10/14. That’s a month ago today. There’s 7.287 billion people on the planet at the time of this write up. 322,583,006 in the United States, 35,524,732 in Canada, 23,630,169 in Australia , 4,551,349 in New Zealand and 63,489,234 in the United Kingdom. I’m thinking 300 million users is SMALL.. Do you agree?

When you do find some success on Instagram, you are aided by other people’s positive sediments. If people start expressing some positive sediments about your Instagram post, then you’ve got allies rallying to your side. You’ve got a tribe, and the members of your tribe are helping you deliver the message. We are all members of tribe Ambitious Beauties 👊💪😎 remember to like your Y sisters IG posts when you see them.

When you are enthusiastic about our products and “jobs”, then you are engaging emotionally. On Instagram, you see people do this all of the time, and their positive comments or pictures are always encouraged and seconded by other people. When a group of people collectively start saying “we want this”, a feeding frenzy occurs. Always comment in a positive light. Always respond to others comments in a positive light. Be professional. Be confident in what you do. You have the control to shape your followers emotions via your Instagram posts. Use that control to do just that- shape your followers emotions.

If you’re feeling a little uneasy about me asking you to shape your followers emotional responses, then take a minute to look at the people who are the best in our company right now. Those women have worked on their personal development, their people building skills, and their sales skills, via social platforms. (And other ways, but we are focusing on IG here 😝) The best presenters in our company are undoubtedly good at telling stories, remembering names, and using humor with their posts. They engage people emotionally and shape their responses. It is your job, as YOUR companies ONLY marketer, to shape your audiences responses. Build your brand and then allow others to “love” it.

Any fears of maybe overdoing it are well founded, so you will need to develop a comfort level with this idea and figure out how to warm up your work with the power of appropriately used emotional triggers. Because when you are selling a service, you are really selling a relationship. People must like you to chose your service. Your ability to cultivate friendship with a large number of prospective, current, or former customers will directly impact your sales. Remember, this is not an over night success. We have started this training taking baby steps. But with daily practice and correct use of IG, our networks will grow in ways we’ve never imagined….and that’s exciting!

Your daily task: comment on 10 people’s posts, be sincere. Like 100 y-sisters posts. Unfollow 20 people.


Day 10


DAY TEN?!!!! Wow! It’s hard to believe that we have been training on this for TEN whole days already! It just goes to show that there is a TON to learn about how to market our businesses effectively on Instagram. By now there are a few basics that we each should be using while marketing on IG:

1. Be as interactive as possible

2. Use hashtags, but not excessively, and try to use them sparingly in your captions.
(You want to make sure people can READ your caption)

3. Play around with outside photo editing apps. Another great app to download is called Snapseed.

4. Remember, the better pictures you post, the more attention you will gain.Instagram is primarily focused on images.

5. Be creative. It takes some time to hone a creative eye, but after a while, you will learn what your followers want to see from you.

6. Don’t become obsessed. If you’re spending hours each day on your phone, turn it off and go outside- or play with your kids. If Instagrambecomes more about the documentation of your life than actually living your life, then you’ve missed the point.

7. Use this app for FUN. Make marketing your business and products FUN!!!

I told You girls that I would do a re-cap video for you, and I will. My voice is still trying to heal and I think having what I’m training written down for you to go back and refer to is effective for now. It’s saved me a few times when I was like “what am I supposed to be doing?” Hahah 🙂 

Tomorrow we will begin to discuss how to better build your brand. 💜

Daily task:
*create a fun picture showing the world what it’s like to live in your shoes for a day…what is it that’s the norm for you? Is it your morning coffee? Your dog snuggled on your lap? Kids being goofy? Snap a shot of your life, edit it with one of the photo editor apps and post it. Don’t forget our hashtag ‪#‎millionairein4years‬.

*like 100 pictures
*follow 40 people
*unfollow 20… Be mindful not to unfollow those who are following you!

Day 11


Okay ladies, as promised, I am going to start discussing “branding yourself”. You can build your brands reputation and prestige through Instagram, but it’s not going to happen on its own. You have to take the steps to make it a reality.

A brand is the thoughts and emotions that individuals have about our company or our products. When well designed and managed, brands can have real power to drive sales. When poorly designed or managed, brands can be very destructive. It’s very important to remember that you are branding YOURSELF. Younique already HAS a brand. It’s us individually that needs a brand. While building your Instagram, think about what people see when they take a look at your profile. What does your brand look like? Brands are more than a logo, a font choice, more than a collection of images or quotes. Brands reside in the mind of the consumer.

Some things for you to consider when you are building your brand are what we can call INVISIBLE ELEMENTS.

* Personality: the persona you choose can be expressed in your image sharing, captions shared, product picture decisions, and other activities. It is hard work to define a persona and even harder to stick to it over time, but if you do, your subtle messages will begin to install itself in the minds of the consumers. They will come to know you in that way. Choose what kind of persona you wish for your brand. And then run with it.

*Singular Idea: your brand can have a dynamic personality, but it needs to have a singular idea that defines it. You can call it your brands “reason for being”. It is the heart of your company. This singular idea should be the North Star that guides your day-to-day behaviors and helps continuously define your relationship with the customers. What defines your brand.

*Brand Story: You have the opportunity to create a compelling story in support of your brand. Younique was founded to help supplement income to women from home. It was created to motivate, uplift and encourage women around the world. Think hard about how your brand came into existence…and how a that story might inspire, encourage, uplift and motivate others.

*Positive and negative perceptions: when people think about your brand, what kind of perception are you intending to leave on there mind? Careful consideration of your daily posts are key here. Post only positive images and non- spammy beautiful images of our products.

Now let’s go over VISIBLE ELEMENTS used while branding ourselves.

*Name: Our name is one of the single most important aspects of our brand. A good name can help a business be memorable, interesting, and fun to say. A bad name can make it impossible to even understand what your business is about, or be completely forgettable.

*Typeface: Your choice of font on images say something about your brand. It can indicate that you are fun and informal, or it can indicate that you are formal and conservative. Choose your font wisely.

*Creating a Tag line: tag lines give you the opportunity to install a little statement or jingle into your prospects mind- “just do it”, “like a good neighbor, State Farm is there”, “red bull give you wings”… ECT.

Each of the invisible and visible elements add strength to your brand. The more these elements are refined, the stronger your brand is going to be. When prospective customers or team members stumble across your profile, you want your brand to make a strong first impression. try to be interesting,positive, polished, easy to understand, and professional.

Your daily task:
Think about the brand you are creating for yourself. Is your IG profile being built on that brand. Is your IG bringing value to your prospects?

Like 100 pictures, unfollow 20 people, comment on 10 pictures


Day 12

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Day 13


After twelve days of intense Instagram training, day thirteen begins your five day challenge. It’s time to put your Instagram training to work. And by work, I mean the Boss Lady task of balancing your new social media platform with your current Facebook daily work.

Create a scheduled plan that fits your LIFE on how you can manage both of these together. You can write down in your planner that every day at a certain hour, you are going to sit down and take 30 power minutes to work on your Facebook and IG advertising and marketing.

Make note of your current followers and followings. Set a goal of what those numbers will look like in 5 days.

Remember, this is your business. It only works if you do. 💜

You are the Boss Lady.

Day 14


Wow! After that five day break, I am ready to continue on with our training!!! Did you take note of your followers and followings before the break?? What do those numbers look like now?

Have you thought about your brand and what it is you want your potential customers to think about you…what makes you different…and why they should purchase their Younique products from YOU?

Have you been following the best practices we have been discussing to grow your business on Instagram? :

1. Like other users pictures. Set aside time during the day to do this. Don’t just like people you follow, it is more important to like others photos who you don’t follow! (But do show your love of your followers support, by liking their images as well)

2. Get personal and comment on others photos

3. Get an app or two to help you manage your following and unfollowing. (Unfollow gram and InsTrack are good ones)

4. Use hashtags. Create one that is for your business only. Use hashtag ‪#‎millionairein4years‬

5. Do not over post daily. That is one of the biggest mistakes people make. Post a max of 4-5 times a day.

6. Follow and unfollow regularly!!

7. Use the FREE marketing platform that Instagram offers you to advertise your brand!!!

Okay, now that we are fairly confident on the ins and outs of Instagram, why it’s important for your business to know how to operate it properly, and even more important to create a unique brand for yourself… Let’s get into some classic marketing strategies.

Have you ever heard of the AIDA marketing formula? (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) This simple formula is the basis for most marketing today. A catalog marketer named Fred Macey was the first to write about this four step plan, AIDA.

1st. The advertisement must receive “attention”. 2nd. Having attention it must create “Interest”. 3rd. Having the customers interest, it must create a “desire to buy”. 4th. Having the desire to buy, it should create an “action” for the customer to make a decision to purchase.

ATTENTION: Your goal is to capture people’s attention to get them to take notice. Having your followers like or comment on your image is a bonus action. The main goal is to have them be excited to have seen it.

INTEREST: Build interest and enthusiasm by sharing pictures of the behind-the-scenes lives of Younique Presenters. (Aka- professional network marketers) why do you love being a presenter so much? It’s the freedom to have time with friends and family, kids and pets. Showcase that. Build interest.

DESIRE: It should be a goal of yours to create a desire by people to want your products, or want to live a life style similar to yours. Part of the AIDA strategy is to put out images and information in a way that intensifies people’s desire.

ACTION: If you have done the first three steps effectively, the call to action is very matter of fact. When your potential customers are buying or your potential recruits are joining…you have completed the action.

I really hope you’re feeling a little more confident in how to properly utilize Instagram for your business!!!

Today’s task:
Comment on 10 images, like 100 images (try and make all of them outside your following) unfollow 20 people, follow 40 (be mindful of your following and followers….make sure you are not unfollowing those who are following you…also, make sure to keep a balance between your followers and following)