Unlike FB, every follower you have on IG sees all that you post. This makes it uber important to always be increasing your audience size and there are a few different ways to do that.

a. Follow like minded people and many will follow you back. Search IG users who have similar interests…women everywhere so don’t limit yourself to makeup artists and hair stylists. Think about how many groups have a large constituency of women. Mom groups, teachers, volunteers, nurses, social workers, etc.

b. DONT pay for followers. This is a scam for the most part and many of the supposed followers you get will not be actual people. It’s better for you to target your own audience and be in the driver’s seat.

c. If you use the hashtag #tagsforlikes, you’ll also increase your audience. Make sure you are following others as well. IG is much less personal than FB so I say follow, follow, follow. You never know who you may get to follow you in return!

d. Unfollow as necessary. You always want to be following less people than are following you. For example, if you’re following 5,000 and only 500 are following you, you may appear “boring” to potential followers. In contrast, if you’re following 500 and 5,000 and following you, people will assume your account is worthy of attention.

e. Be relevant and post good content. I think posting inspiration, positivity and such are super important on IG, maybe even more important than on FB. Be you…always. People can sense insincerity a mile away.

f. Growing your IG audience is an ongoing process…like laundry. Each time you login to your IG, like other people’s content, follow at least 25-100 people, post good content and watch your audience grow.

The dreaded hashtag! I know it my seem a little confusing at first but really it’s simple as pie. Hashtags are a way that you can categorize your posts to be found in a IG search. For example, if I make a post and use the hashtag #mascara, anyone who does an IG search for mascara will see my post…if it was made fairly recently. Likewise, if I search hashtags for cosmetics, I’ll find all the people who posted using that hashtag…and I should probably look at their followers as people I may want to follow/be followed by. IG only allows 30 hashtags to be connected to one post at a time. So you can post up to 30 at once, or split them up but posting initially
with only 15 and then later in the day, post the other 15 which will in turn “bump” your post back to the top of the feed. You can also delete your 30 hashtags (if you post them in the comment section instead of in the actual post) and then repost 30 more, the same 30 or different. To expedite your posting, I recommend using the notepad section of your phone or a word doc on your computer to type them all out in 15-30 tag paragraphs and then copy/past when you need them. IG is busiest at night so posting/bumping in the evenings is most effective.

Use action words in your post. In your IG bio, there is a place to put your weblink, so refer people back to your bio. “Use the link in my bio to order” or “Go to my bio to order on my website.”

****IG only lets you follow up to 160 people an hour. Be careful or you’ll end up in IG jail and ain’t nobody got time for that!!