The Group/Event Facebook Party idea


*Party Idea Alert: Did you know that you can run a 30 min event just like the fall launch in your party groups??? It is just another way to run your parties!

1. Set up a group and party just like normal

2. Have your hostess invite her friends

3. Open an event IN the group and set up the time and date

4. Post reminders for a few days sharing the date and time with them and tell them you will be doing a giveaway (use the word swag app to make quick reminder posts and always have a product pic in the reminder)

  5. Run a short 1 hour event, post every 2-5 min., have a script and the pics numbered in a file and see how it works!

The good thing about this model is this gives you the group to always go back to and the event to get people excited and having fun!!!