How to be a Network Marketer

Great Network Marketing Tips from Shari Brown (Exclusive Black Presenter):

Network Marketing. Do you know what that is? Do you REALLYYYY know what that is? Networking is contacting and connecting with other people, building relationships. This is what you need to be doing if you want to be successful, AND it is SO much easier and more fun than just cold calling random peeps about your products!

  So HOW do you do it? You get out into your community and you get involved. Here are a few examples…

  1. Find yourself a nail lady, and ONLY go to that lady. Let her get to know you. She will ask what you do for a living. “OMG, I have the craziest job EVER! I work from my phone and I sell MASCARA ON FB!” ~insert hysterical laugh here~ “Isn’t that crazy?!!” And then she will ask more questions. The NEXT time you go back, and you MUST go back so you can build a relationship, she will ask you about your business. And you JUST happen to have a set of lashes for her to try. Give her a set and write that off on your taxes! Write off your manicures because you’re conducting business while you’re there and trying to sponsor this lady!

  2. Do you know the name of the barista who takes your order and makes your coffee every day? NO?! Well LEARN IT!! “Hi Sarah! Thanks so much, have a great day!” Then next time…”Thank you, Sarah! Are you here all the time? I love how you make my coffee!” And eventually you learn about Sarah and find out that she’s a student, or a single mom, and she gets to know you and BOOM! Buy HER coffee and bring up this CRAZY business that you do, that SHE can do and make extra money for herself!

  3. Hair lady!! You ALL have hair ladies, right?? Follow step #1, but I’m trusting that you’ve already spoken to your hair lady! PLEASE TELL ME that you’ve already spoken to her! That’s a given, people!

  4. Try to use the same checker at the grocery store/Jersey Mike’s/clothing store you love. Remember her NAME! Read that name tag!! It’s there for a reason! Make a connection! Write it down in your phone under NOTES so that next time you go to grab a sandwich at Jersey Mike’s you can look at your notes and be able to say, “Hi Stacey!” As a retail salesperson I ALWAYS remembered the customers who remembered my name!! It is RARE and very special! Those who work with the public get treated like crap all day long so be that breath of fresh air when you walk in!! Don’t start spewing about 3D Mascara right off the bat, develop a relationship first and then the 3D talk will just come up in casual conversation, it won’t sound sales-pitchy, and next thing you know you’ll have a customer/hostess/PRESENTER!!  

  So you all get the idea, right? Don’t feel like you have to lay all of your cards out there the first time you meet someone. Networking is a process!! Open up doors for yourself, make new FRIENDS and expand your circles!! You are planting seeds all day long, everywhere you go! The person you’re getting to know may not be interested, but they may know someone who is! And when their friend says they need a job…your new “friend” may think of you and say, “OMG! I know this lady who works from home, I’ll tell her to call you!” Make this part of who you are and what you do, and it honestly makes life a lot more fun and interesting when you start getting to know the people you see every day! You want to be like Norm in Cheers! You want everyone to know your name! Not as “Shari The Annoying Mascara Lady”, but “Shari The Nice Neighbor Lady” and …oh by the way, she has this crazy fun job and works from her phone!

  WATCH as Leeanne Young Holgan shows us how it’s done! You should know that this is NOT the woman I met 6 months ago! She pushed herself to get out of her comfort zone and the RESULTS were amazing!! But look at what a fun day she had because she has RELATIONSHIPS with these people!