Younique Presenters Guide


Welcome to Younique! You made a great choice joining Younique Products when you did, we are such a young company and with a little work and perseverance you have the opportunity to create a wonderful business and a great income. It’s really up to you! I am here to help you get started and assist as needed along the way. If you have any questions (and am sure you do!) here are the resources for you to get the answers, in this order:

1.Your sponsor is your name, your phone number, your email address

2.Your upline is your sponsors name, her phone number, her email address

3.“Files” on either Girls Gone Styled, Ambitious Beauties or Younique Presenters page

4.Younique Support: – for any issues or concerns regarding an order or shipping; technical/website issues; product suggestions; or have a question that needs to be answered.

5.Search Girls Gone Styled, Ambitious Beauties or Younique Presenters Facebook pages for the topic rather than ask the question (select the magnifying glass and enter in subject). Ask your sponsor the question or on the team page if you can’t find an answer.

6.Listen to all the recorded Conference Calls – you will find the link on the Younique Presenters page under FILES. There’s so much useful information there!


Get Started


◾Read the Presenters Agreement! There is a lot of information in there regarding what you can and can’t do with our products and marketing of them.

◾Get familiar with the handbook. Read through it and even print it out will help.

◾Log into your website, Become familiar with it and get to know the products.

◾Create a Younique Facebook page and share it with all your friends. It must specify that you are an independent Younique Presenter. Go to this page and click “Create Page” on the top right corner.


Most set it up as “brand/ product”and under “health/beauty.” Use any photo’s from my page (Be Younique by Toni), Ambitious Beauties , or our Y-sisterhood picture sharing group.

◾Book your own party as your Launch Party and order any products through your party to earn the Younique hostess credits as well. Whenever you want to order products, always order through a party and share it with friends.

◾Encourage your friends to book parties! Join another Presenter’s party to see how it’s done, you’ll find what works for you.


General Information


◾Your commission starts out at 20%. Once you hit $1000 in Personal Retail Sales (PRS) you will be at Yellow status it will increase to 25% and stay there.

◾Fast Start Incentive! Sell $2000 (PRS) and sponsor 3 people within 90 days from signing up and you will receive $250 in Younique cash.

◾You will earn commission on your downline once you hit Pink status which is $250 in PRS sales, 1 active first level Presenter and $2500 in company (your downline) wholesale sales for the month.

◾Your recognized status will never go down once you reach it. However, your “paid as” status resets at the beginning of every month. The only exception is that once you hit Yellow, you never go back to White.

◾Green = Elite status presenter! Big accomplishment!  You receive an all expense paid trip to Utah for training (you only have to get yourself there) and you get to meet the CEO’s Derek and Melanie. You also receive a very nice charm bracelet for all your charms you earned.

◾For every full price purchase (yours or customers) you will receive your commission in your Younique PayQuicker account after three hours of the purchase.

◾PayQuicker is your online bank account. After you make your first sale you should receive and email from them so you can set up your account. Follow the directions.

◾After you reach $50 in commission PayQuicker will issue and send out your Younique debit card. Your PayQuicker account is like any other bank account where you can transfer money in and out or just use your debit card to pay for things.

◾You must sell $125 worth of products every rolling 3 months to stay active as a presenter. This is not hard to do, just have to actively work your business. For example, you join May 15, your rolling 3 months starts on June 1. You need $125 in sales by Aug 31, Nov 30 and so on. Anything you buy for yourself also counts towards the $125.

◾To check your current status you can go under “my tools” then to “my office.”


Parties and Orders


◾You should always order through a party to earn your own hostess rewards or help your hostesses to earn more rewards.

◾Orders ship immediately – no waiting for a party to close.

◾Shipping is $5.50 flat rate or free on orders over $100. Orders over $150 include the collection of shoe jewelry (clip on feathers) while supplies last.

◾We currently ship to all 50 states. We are also now in Australia and Canada. New Zealand will be doing their product launch July 1st. You can sign up as a presenter now in New Zealand though and start growing your team.

◾You must be Facebook friends with someone to set them up as a virtual hostess.

◾Facebook Events do not show ongoing events well so change your party Start Date every 1-2 days so they stay current on your guests’ pages.

◾See the Virtual Party Hostess Doc in FILES on the Presenters Page for tips on hosting and throwing successful parties.

◾I include the party (not Facebook) link in every post in the party. People from mobile devices and tablets cannot always click the party link to go shopping if you don’t. Anything you can do to encourage and make shopping easier will help you.

◾There are pictures on your Sponsor’s, our team & Presenters groups that you can use for advertising in parties and on your Facebook pages.

◾The more excited and interactive you are on your parties, the better! Make your posts sound like you are there talking to them. People will feed off of your enthusiasm.

◾I would not push recruiting or scheduling other parties until the end of the party you are currently running. We don’t want our hostesses feeling like we are poaching their guests. However, if an opportunity comes up, take it! Just have the conversation separately.

◾Your hostess cannot redeem her rewards until the day after her party closes. She needs to go through your website to do it and she must be logged into her    account. Any Younique cash or rewards you or a hostess earns will show up during check out, after adding items to your cart.

◾Younique cash cannot be used to pay for shipping or taxes or applied to any half priced items.

◾Hostess reward redemptions do not count towards your personal sales or other party credits. Only full-price sales count towards commission.


Product Info


◾All mineral makeup (pigments, concealers, blushers) is made from 100% pure minerals. No fillers, talc, parabens, artificial preservatives, oils, etc.

◾Brushes are made from pony and capra (goat) hair and are cruelty free. The ferrule (metal part) is made of copper so will never rust.

◾All products are 100% natural, gluten free, organic, hypoallergenic and paraben free. They are not tested on animals.

◾Our products are developed and formulated in the U.S. and manufactured in China. We are very concientious about product quality and packaging. If we could afford to make in the U.S. we would but that’s not reality yet.They are working on this.

◾Our prices are far below any reputable competitor. There is a comparison for mineral eye shadow posted on our team page and other comparisons on the Presenters page.


Return Policy/Shipping/ProductQuality


◾For any product that arrives damaged or defective, the customer needs to contact with their order number and the problem. Support will issue a no-charge replacement immediately.

◾Check out the I love it guarantee we now have!

Someone Joins Your Team

◾  Add and welcome  them to Ambitious Beauties and Girls Gone Styled. Tag them in the pinned post under GGS. Add them to Presenter’s Only Facebook page and Y-Sisterhood Picture Sharing group. Tag them in a few important files. Like the helpful videos one is great!

◾ Update this document and send it to them.

◾ Be available to assist with their first online party or in-home party if live nearby.

◾Cheer them on and be supportive.