Virtual Party Tips



Virtual Party tips by Shari Brown, Exclusive Black Presenter

Hi Presenters!

Thank you all so much for contacting me and asking for some tips on your Virtual Parties!  Such an honor. 🙂 Here’s exactly what I do, down to the letter.  It’s not earth shattering information, but just a lot of small things that have worked for me!

Once you create your party from your Younique page, go to FB and create a Group. In my opinion, having your VP (Virtual Party)in a Group is much more beneficial than having it in an Event. If you’ve ever been invited to an event through FB, you know that after the nitial invite, it gets lost. Also, with an Event, people have to opt in and “join”, with a Group they are automatically entered and must opt out if they aren’t interested.  Have you ever noticed in your events, that you’ll have about 9-14 people who have joined, 2-4 maybe’s, and 145 who haven’t yet responded?  Those 145 people don’t see any of your posts.  Only the yes’s and the maybe’s can see you.  You’re going to sell, on average, to only about 20-30% of your guests.  So if you’ve got 18 people seeing your posts, you’ll be lucky to sell to 6 people.  I don’t like those odd!  GROUPS, baby!  

As soon as I start my party on my Younique website, I go to FB and I go to Groups on the left side of the page. If you hover your cursor over GROUPS, you’ll see “MORE” pop up. Click MORE and Create a Group. Name your group something simple like, “Suzie’s AMAZING 3D MASCARA Online Party”.  You want the name of the party to tell the guests everything they need to know about the party.  You’re selling 3D Mascara, it’s AMAZING, and it’s all online!  I call it “3D Mascara” or “3D Fiber Mascara” instead of “3D Fiber Lashes” so that I avoid 10,000 questions like, “are they false lashes?”, or even worse, the people who ASSUME they are fake and don’t like fake lashes and so they delete and never see what you’re all about.  Also, I no longer use the word “virtual”, I say it is “online”.  I know virtual sounds self explanatory, but you’d be surprised at how many people still think they actually have to GO somewhere to get to this party.  Just save yourself the explanation and say it’s online. 🙂  I do not use the name “Younique” in the title any longer because we are a new brand and nobody knows what that name means just yet.  In every post I make in that group, I make sure to say “Younique” because I definitely want the brand name out there, but the name of the party is what gets people in the door, so to speak.  Have your hostess invite all of their FB friends. 100 people is the recommended minimum but you want more than that!  I coach my hostesses and tell them exactly this, “My most successful parties have between 200-400 guests and the hostess comments on posts, tags friends she thinks would love the 3D Mascara, and posts before and after pics of her lashes. The more active you are in the group, the more active your party will be, and the more rewards you will earn.”   The hostess can then post a welcome message to her friends. If your hostess hasn’t tried the lashes yet, WAIT ON THE PARTY!!!  Do not waste a party on a hostess that hasn’t fallen in love with the mascara yet!  Tell her that you are thrilled that she wants to host, but she will earn so much more in rewards if she can speak from experience and post pictures of her own lashes.  That is when my parties explode, when the hostess posts her own lash pics!  

 At this point you’re probably thinking, “Shari, we sell more than just mascara.  Why would I call it a mascara party?”  That’s because in my parties I ONLY SELL MASCARA!  That’s it.  At least for the first 6 days or so.  Depending on the crowd and the flow of the party’s questions and response, I have had parties where I have only talked about mascara until the last day!  Here’s why…there are LOTS of cosmetic companies out there, and I’ve worked for most of them. 😛 If you post about a different product every day, even if those products are FANTASTIC (which they are!), your busy customer is only paying half attention and she sees makeup in her newsfeed.  In her mind, her friend Mary is having a makeup party.  She doesn’t need makeup, she likes what she’s using.  You’ve just lost a customer. ~faints~  But here’s what happens when you only post lash pictures… the first day this customer gets a notification that she is in a group called “Mary’s AMAZING 3D MASCARA Online Party!”.  She thinks, “Who on EARTH has a mascara party??  It must be special.”  Then she sees an eyelash before/after pic.  Wow.  She’s intrigued.  Then she sees another…next day she sees another.  Now she’s got to check this out so she asks a question.  Now she’s engaged and you’re talking back and forth and every time you chat, and your hostess chats, all of the 300 members of the group are getting notifications.  Even the busiest person will understand what it is you’re selling if you keep your message simple and just focus on the 3D Mascara.  And no matter how happy a woman is with her makeup, we ALL want longer lashs!  In almost every party, after the ladies have ordered, received, and loved their 3D Mascara, I always get this question…”What’s next?”  They want to know what’s my next recommendation.  Personally, I go to Glorious Face & Eye Primer and Awake, because they are my next faves.  In many cases, my hostess asks to start a second party so we can now cover the rest of the line! #winning  🙂  Just make sure you go back through EVERY POST and swap out the new link for the old link!

Make sure you get a nice, professional looking banner up at the top of your group page, you type out your welcome post and use an eyelash pic, and pin that to the top of the party.  Always include a picture with every post!  I think the best lash pictures compare the customer’s old favorite mascara look to her NEW favorite mascara look.  Pictures of bare lashes vs. 3D Mascara lashes don’t tell the same story.  People want to see what the lashes used to look like when they were all made up, and what they look like NOW! 🙂  

To pin a post, hover your cursor over the top right corner of the post and you’ll see an arrow appear that is a drop down menu.  Click “pin post”.  Keep it pinned for the first 3 days and then you can unpin it.  But GET ALL OF THIS DONE BEFORE you have your hostess invite her people.  Think of it like getting your house ready for your guests to arrive.  You want to have all of the tidying up done before they get there.  


Make sure you’re posting 2-3 times a day in the group.   Always post the party link any time you post a pic so that it’s easy for people to understand how to order and they don’t have to go searching for the link.   I usually space down a few times to keep the party link separate and I make it very clear for people, 
“Click HERE to shop Mary’s party… < leave a space so your link will work properly! (insert party link here)” 

I like to keep the Groups around even after the parties are over because 1


or 2 times a month I post the monthly specials or new product info. Ifigure these are people that I wouldn’t have access to otherwise, so I don’t like to let them go. It’s also a great place to offer a free pigment or lipgloss in exchange for hosting a party down the road, and the Presenter opportunity!

One other thing! I make sure my party is closed so that every postisn’t bombarding my regular FB friends. It’s not a big deal if you onlyhave one party going, but when you get several going at once, you’refriends will go nuts if they are seeing 15 posts a day!  🙂  Go to the top right of the page, click on the little cog icon, then Edit Group Settings.

I think that about covers it!  Hope it helps your sales and I wish you all MUCH success and abundance!
Shari xo