Tips from the Team!!!



“Don’t give up”

-Alicia Livingwaters


” I call it 3D fiber mascara instead of 3D lashes because lashes makes it sound like false lashes which nobody wants 😉, and also that everybody excels at different speeds and just because I didn’t start out on fire like some people doesn’t mean I won’t end up at the same place.”

-Heather O’Brien


“I make sure to post the corporate link in my parties.  I also link my Facebook parties and my business page all together. Then I also post my party links on my business page as well just in case I missed anyone.”

-Shannon Mora


I like to schedule my business page posts a week in advance. I try to reach most different time zones with one post per day, but a full week of the same product. I think it helps me reach out during the week to more customer areas as well as keep that product in their head for a few days if they are seeing more than one days’ worth of posts. Also, I think it is important to occasionally ‘share’ a post from your business page to your personal page to help your friends and family remember that your business page is out there as well all know Facebook is getting harder to do business through and some people may not be seeing your posts if they haven’t been to your business page lately. And lastly, I am big for personally messaging ANYONE that likes a post of mine, whether on a classifieds site or my business page to let them know that I see them out there – they are a person interested in what I am posting – and a potential customer or y-family member!”

-Devin Arney


I have been using my half off’s on large collections to build up my stock and sell items out of it to pay for it and use extras as prizes or incentives for parties.”

-Sarah Lewis


People don’t want to just see it as “ads” on the party page, help them imagine themselves using it!! Example. I always say “sometimes I am on the run and don’t have time for makeup, if you have the 3D Fiberlash Mascara you can put just that on and you can still look presentable!!!” Then I proceed to tell them how it will make their eyes pop…. Show them how it’s useful in their life!!! Find out their interests, when they wear make up, etc.🙂

-Jackie McFarland


“The effective way to have a successful FB Event Party is to make sure that the hostess messaging everyone that she invites personally with a link to the Event. Also not to just invite everyone on your FB friends list as it may upset your friends & get you unfriend. Instead invite women you know love makeup or @ least use it :)”

-Vanessa Varon


“Videos and selfies are a MUST! Host pics are even more a must!
Take a few minutes to scroll thru your groups members! Although you’ll likely cover all or most products or mostly the mascara…I, for the first time today, peeked at the members and their profile pics and they were mostly 40+. So today I hit up Uplift hard in my party and 4 were bought this afternoon. Which is a lot for meSo just know your audience:)”

-Kate Balamut


To schedule Business page post so that I don’t have to worry about them. Making sure that I post the link to the products in my parties…NEVER be affraid to step outside your comfort zone!!

-Belinda Wotherspoon


 “Customer groups and follow ups!!! Having a group specially for your customers allows you to offer them specials, discounts, do giveaways, and let them know about all the new Younique before anyone else! Following up with your customers by doing a special thank you message via Facebook/email, send them a message once their products have shipped, and do a follow up message a week later to see how they like their products. 🙂 This lets them know that you care if they like their products and you are there to help them, not just make a sell. ;)”

-Paula Johannsen