Step Two


Step 2

Step 2 


Start a business account on Instagram!

1) Create an Instagram profile, if you don’t already have one. Come up with an original business name!! Make your bio pretty and fun. Check out some of the other Younique presenters Bio’s. Watch how and what and when they post. Get an idea for how successful Iger’s do business on IG. Have fun creating that personal bio. You can always check out Toni’s at @beyouniquebytoni or Abby’s @abbyangelos.

2) Edit your profile. Include your website and contact info!

3) Post 1 (relevant) photo. Write a caption for your photo. Post photo and go back into the comments sections and type these hashtags: ‪#‎girl‬ ‪#‎lashladies‬ ‪#‎ambitiousbeauties‬ ‪#‎3D‬ ‪#‎mascara‬ ‪#‎selfie‬ ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎nofilter‬ ‪#‎ootd‬ and anything else that you think is relevant. IG only allows 30 tags on each photo.

4) Start following 100 people. (If you already have a business profile on Instagram- Great!! You still need to follow 100 new people though.) Don’t just follow anyone. Search for hair stylists, celebrities, makeup artists, bloggers, bridal boutiques/planners/vendors and ANYONE who wears makeup!!

5) Have an account and old photos? Lets reactivate them, as long as there isn’t a hashtag in the caption your good to go. Go into the comments section of the photo….Swipe left on your comments section and delete every single comment and all the hashtags. You then can go to the 3 grey dots in the bottom right hand corner and choose “share photo.” If you have a bunch of photos go back and reactivate all of them.