Step Six




Step 6

Take one hour for yourself. Make the time. We all can spare one hour. This is perfect for a weekend challenge…..

In order to benefit, YOU must actually listen. YOU CAN DO IT!   Get your hands dirty and work for what you want. Is success, personal growth and financial gain on your wish list? Then, it’s time to put in the work and make your dreams become realities!

This 6th step will take you just one hour to complete. Not hard right? Save the excuses! You’ll love this exercise. Jim will BLOW your MIND! We cannot wait to hear what you got out of this! Our advice to you, Listen to it AGAIN, and again and again. You’ll gain something new everytime. It will keep you focused. This step applies to you even if you have already heard this. Do it again.


However you get your YOU Time in do it! Most of us do not do this enough and We are giving you permission to take it!

Enjoy your whole hour of “YOU” time.