Trivia Answers




1.Who are our CEO and Co-Founder and when did we launch Younique?

Derek Maxfield (CEO) Melanie Huscroft (Co-founder & VP of Sales and Marketing – Launched November 2012

2.Where do we ship?





New Zealand

Puerto Rico

Marshall Island

District of Columbia

Federated States of Micronesia

Northern Mariana Islands

Armed Forces of Americas (except Canada)

Armed Forces of Canada

Armed Forces of Europe

Armed Forces of Middle East

Armed Forces of Pacific

Armed Forces of Africa

And or any Military base in the world



3.What is the name of Derek’s company that he sold before starting Younique?



4. What is our top selling item?

3D Fiber Lashes


5.What are our number 2 and 3 top sellers?

Awake and Brilliant (Soon to become Illuminate and Divine!)


6.If you have a question about a problem with your products or shipping, who should you ask first?

Start a support ticket (sponsors, groups, etc can’t help with shipping issues or quality control)


7.If you want to know our shipping rates for various countries, where should you get the answer?

Your website, Shipping Document in the POP, or Presenters guide.


8. If you don’t know who your Elite upline is, where can you find that info?

My royalties page in your back office. Top right corner.


9.What does POP stand for?

Presenters Only Page


10.Where can we post specials for our products?

In a private group ONLY. No public forum. All “SPECIALS” must be in a secret or private group.


11.Will a Purple presenter make more money than an Orange Presenter?

Depends on the performance of her team. Just because she is Purple does not necessarily guarantee that he is making more money than an orange presenter. Its all about the team and how much revenue they have together.


12.What type of compensation plan does Younique have? There is a specific name.

Unilevel Breakaway


13.What is the financial advantage to hitting Black status?

You get paid on your 3rd Generation!!!


14.What do I continually talk about that you should do everyday for 30 minutes?



15.Where is this year’s convention and are you REGISTERED?

Chicago, Illinois. If you’re not registered why not? Leaders do not miss Events.


16.What are the requirements to attend a You-nified leadership certification?

You need to be paid as GREEN twice and does not need to be two months in a row.


17.Which Younique product is not Gluten free?

Rose Water


18.What gift do you receive from corporate when you hit Green Elite Status?

Silver Younique Charm Bracelet


19.Where is corporate located?

Utah, Lehi/Pleasant Grove


20. Does a person need a Facebook account to order? To host a party? To become a Presenter? (this requires 3 answers)

No Facebook needed to order, Yes to host a party unless the hostess want to pass off the credits to another hostess. But they need a facebook to set up the virtual party thru your back office…….Yes to become a presenter


  1. When walking your new presenters through steps what are the 4 crucial steps?
  2. Set up party
  3. Order Product
  4. Do Facebook post with picture
  5. Set up group

21.What does circle mean verses generations? What are the requirements to go green?

Circle is MINUS your Elites. Your Elites will breakaway and fall into your generations. Your company is EVERYONE under you combined, your circle is MINUS your Elites.

$500 PRS

$10,000 company wholesale

3 qualified presenters

$2,000 circle