Step Nine

step 9


Step 9



Its SUPER important for you to know the following Trivia questions about your business. As you do this step, I challenge you to research and write the answers down before just clicking the answers tab.

1. Who are our CEO and Co-Founder and when did we launch Younique?

2. What countries do we ship too?

3. What is the name of Derek’s company that he sold before starting Younique?

4. What is our top selling item?

5. What are our number 2 and 3 top sellers?

6. If you have a question about a problem with your products or shipping, who should you ask first?

7. If you want to know our shipping rates for various countries, where should you get the answer?

8. If you don’t know who your Elite upline is, where can you find that info?

9. What does POP stand for?

10. Where can you post specials for our products? Like “Host a party and get a free gift!”

11. Will a Purple presenter make more money than an Orange Presenter?

12. What type of compensation plan does Younique have? There is a specific name.

13. What is the financial advantage to hitting Black status?

14. What do I continually talk about that you should do everyday for 30 minutes?

15. Where is next year’s convention and are you REGISTERED? And if you’re no, why not?

16. What are the requirements to attend a Younified leadership certification?

17. Which Younique product is not Gluten free?

18. What gift do you receive from corporate when you hit Green Elite Status?

19. Where is corporate located?

20. Does a person need a Facebook account to order? To host a party? To become a Presenter? (this requires more than one answer)

21. When walking your new presenters through the steps what are the 4 most crucial steps?

22. What does circle mean verses generations? What is the difference between your “circle” and your “company”? What are the requirements to go green?