Step Four



Step 4

The Selfie

It’s very important to know how to take a quality photo. Here are some helpful hints on how to improve your selfies!!

1) Take your pictures facing a window or natural light source. Natural light brightens and flatters and helps smooth and even your complexion. Stay away from dark rooms, shadows and glares. When you have a great looking background you will have a professional looking photo. Remember my lighting video? Shade and indirect light is great! Stand in front of an open door take a step back and snap away! Remember to check what is behind you… An un-made bed, piles of laundry and bright windows…bunny ears. Lol ok maybe not..

2) Take your photos at an arm’s length; remember to face a natural light source. Do not take a close up of your eye!!! Snap a clear photo of your entire face, then crop your pictures accordingly.

3) Edit! Edit! Edit! Nowadays we have these awesome applications for our cell phones. Find an app, preferably a free one, and use this to your benefit. Edit your pictures by softening them up, adding a filter does wonders for a complexion and enhancing those lashes. Work on changing the contrast/sharpness/brightness, and focus!! Play with it. Editing is so much fun and there are numerous apps to use for free and for a small fee.
Free Editing Apps: VSCO, FxCamera, Instagram| Purchase: Camera +, Handy Photo, SnappyCam Pro| There are gobs to choose from so take your pick!

4) Download the free app called Pic Stitch. This app is awesome and I use it for creating collages and side-by-side before-and-after photos. You can also add text to your photo with either Pic Stitch, Word Swag or any other font app. Get creative! Before-and-after pictures using our mascara are fantastic!

Also, take pictures after using our skincare line, foundation and/or concealer powders. Pucker up and snap a pic wearing our awesome lucrative lip gloss too!