Step Eight






Yep, that’s right. Another Social Media site…..!!!!! You ladies do know that you are in the Social Media Business, RIGHT??? Hold on Sista, you are about to enter the incredibly powerful realm of SAHM’s, DIYers, Bakers, Crafters and the like. Pinterest, is a powerful place where you can easily be sucked in… {{for hours!!!!!}} Did you know that Pinterest is the #1 site used to determine a product purchase? So we need to be capitalizing on this amazing tool!

With that said..

1) Create a Pinterest account~ 2 ways, either a Business Account or use your personal account. I have actually created a business account so that I can keep my personal Pinterest account private just for me and my friends.

2) Fill out the profile information

3) Create a board and name it after your business, or the entire account. Ex. My business account is “Absolutely Younique By Abby”

4) Post a (relevant) pic on your board and give it a great caption including your website and contact info.
If you already have a Pinterest acct, great!!! If you have a “Younique” board on your Pinterest acct- WAY TO GO! YOU’RE ALREADY DONE!
(Post a new picture like your selfie and caption.) Ladies you all should have a great photo that has amazing lighting….I’ve seen them, post one! Remember to post daily!!!!