Step Seven




Step 7

Cash & Carry -ORDER PRODUCT!

Have you ordered mascara to sell to all your local gals? Of course you have! For $116 you can order 4 sets of fiber lashes to keep in your car, house, desk, purse for face-to-face sales!!

NOTE: All orders of $100 or more = FREE SHIPPING!! Never get stuck paying fees!

More and more of my sales are in person now. When women compliment my lashes- I always bust out my fancy case, and just like that- They want it! Right here and now! No waiting. No shipping fees. Women don’t want to wait. Period. Once they realize it’s right in front of them, they can’t resist.

I have found that if you do not have product on hand, your sphere of influence will find another presenter in the area who does. It’s seriously, like LASH CRACK! Woman do not want to wait. That is why step 2 on our 10 steps is so imperative! Always, always have some on hand!


How many do you have on-hand? 

If you don’t have any… ORDER SOME!! I can’t stress the importance of keeping it on hand. Even if it’s a few sets – have them. Always!