Ten Steps to Success


First – Congratulations on making the decision to start your own business with Younique! This company has endless income potential to offer you and can be as lucrative as you want it to be! Your level of success is based solely on the effort you put into it. You will quickly see that a little effort goes a long way and a lot of effort will send you straight to the top! You will be so glad you made this decision! This business is a ton of fun and this group is here to help train you in every aspect of your new business!


1. Set-up and ONLINE Party in “My Parties” via www.youniqueproducts.com/yourname (Party name Customer Order and Re-orders, always for 10 days, delete the welcome message that Younique automatically generates and replace it with Thank you for your support, click save. Set a reminder in your phone to start a party again on the 11th day. You always want a Party going every 10 days to earn rewards. THAT’S CALLED DOUBLE DIPPING! Getting the commission WITH the rewards….this is going to help you build your business products!

2. Ok, you’ve set up your party! Super easy, right!? Next step… go into your party and ORDER PRODUCT!!! This is a crucial step. When people ask me; “how can I get more sales”? I look to see if they’ve purchased product. If they haven’t, that is why!! You need to try the products and have the lashes on hand!! The faster you can get product in your friend’s hands, the sooner they will be using it, falling in love with it, and telling ALL their friends!! You will GROW FAST ordering product!! I suggest get a MINIMUM of 5-10 sets of Fiber Lashes AND the “Skin-sational” Collection to try a variety of products! You cannot promote something you’ve never tried right!?

3. Ok, you’re ready to market on Facebook!! But before you do, go to our resources tab above and read HOW TO MAXIMIZE your SALES using Facebook. Copy and paste ALL 3 steps; Personal, set up Group and Ping. THIS IS VERY important!! Follow this system, I promise you – it works!

4. STOP! Did you read how to “HOW TO MAXIMIZE your SALES using Facebook”? Have you done the 3 Steps? Ok, just checking! Please take a little time to get familiar with your Website and the products. Set up your “about me” in your Back Office, look through your Royalties, Order history, etc. and COMPLETE a weekly Training Course!!!! (Or two, or three…or ALL of them!) Order Business Cards. (under Business supplies, go through the Vista Print link)

5. When you sponsor someone personally walk them through the above mentioned steps! Invite them to this Group…welcome them on your team page!

6. Look through the files tab in Ambitious Beauties or Lash Ladies, Find the Comp Plan and view the Videos. Browse through the Y sisterhood picture sharing Photos! You will find marketing, ingredient and product photos. Use these graphics to market your business. (Oh, and feel free to add your own creative photos!)

7. Make a list of everyone you know and start contacting and inviting them to participate with your new business in any of the following ways: joining as a Presenter, Hosting a Party, purchasing products, or referring a friend. Write a star next to or circle those who have a large network or have influence in their circles. These are great people to start with! Do you want to get to GREEN? We want you too! Here’s the magic formula: 2-5-5. Sell $2,000 a month, hold 5 parties and sponsor 5 presenters EVERY MONTH ON A CONSISTENT BASIS! This is absolutely doable!

8. GET your PAY RAISE within you first week!!!! ($1000 PRS) You don’t want to stay at 20% when you can be making 25%! Get your FAST START! (you only have 90 days or you lose it) If you MASTER the 3rd step and you market properly on Facebook; you WILL achieve this goal FAST! (Did you know? -35 lashes is your PAY RAISE! Some people just buy 35 because they will sell all them their first week…but we know Most people do not have that kind of money just laying around…so start with five, sell them, order 5 more, sell them and REPEAT!)

9. Do personal development for at least 30 minutes everyday. Read, listen to audios, learn something new everyday! I recommend Sarah Robbins or Eric Worre. Don’t want to buy a book? Read online! (Thank you GOOGLE!) Or download some audio book and just LISTEN!

10. Sponsor, DUPLICATE, teach, inspire, PROMOTE, Stay PLUGGED IN . REPEAT!

Are you EXCITED? WE ARE!! DREAM BIG! Because they’re about to come true!