Income Producing Activities



I believe we have 4 areas of focus as a Younique Presenter to ultimately produce income.
1. Sell the product
2. Build a Team
3. Marketing
4. Personal Development
I have categorized the activities within each of these areas and you can choose to complete multiple activities in one area and focus on one area per day OR perform a minimum of one activity from each of the 4 areas daily. This list is meant to be used with your Sponsor/Upline. They can help you define HOW to best perform many of these activities.

• Host Virtual Parties (Set a weekly/monthly goal with your Sponsor)
• Host Home Parties
• Cash & Carry
◦ Walk around with one eyelash done while running errands.
◦ Go to the mall with your “Ask Me About My Lashes” Shirt/Gear on – and get into conversations with retail clerks about how they can help you… try some shoes on. Go to the dressing room…. Ask where the mascara is! LOL.
◦ Ask women with fake eyelashes/extensions. “Wow! You have amazing lashes… are those 3D Fiber Lashes?”
◦ If you engage in conversations and they express interest but do not purchase, make sure you connect with them on FB right there and get their information.
◦ Carry pigment samples (stapled to your card) with you, give out to women you see wearing eye makeup. Let them know you will give them some free samples if you can follow up in a couple days. Get their digits or connect with them on FB right there by saying you will send them a product demo showing them a look you created with those pigments (make your own!) Remember to follow up!
• Find local events (schools, churches, community, fairs, holiday bazaars). Have a raffle and make sure you collect their contact information on entry forms with boxes to check to host a  party/get more info on becoming a presenter.
• Work with a local beauty salon to see if you can set up on a Saturday to display products and take orders (Remember: No cash & carry in retail locations per updated presenter agreement).
• Host a Customer Appreciation Open House or Closed FB Group offering special incentives only for return customers.
• Host a Fundraiser – take orders/direct all sales to a party link and you allocate a pre-determined portion of your commission to go towards the cause. Cheer, dance, gymnastics, ALL SPORTS   NEED FUNDRAISING!
• Follow up with customers and KEEP THEM AS YOUR CUSTOMER!
◦ Reach back out to all customers within:
       2 days – send personal thank you note,
       2 weeks – ask them “How are you loving your products?” Make sure they are happy and consuming the products. Also, have them send before/after and testimonials.
       2 months – Ask them if they would they like to reorder… or perhaps host a party to try to earn their next set for free or try some of our other great products… or have they ever thought  about selling Younique?

• Contact 3-5 people per day and share the opportunity via FB message, Text, Phone & In Person!
• Set up 3 way calls with your Sponsor/Upline Elite for those who have expressed interest and want more information.
• Host weekly in-person opportunity events with other Y sisters.
• Post on Social Media about the company growth, and new markets!
• Post about the opportunity via online classifieds.
• Keep dripping, maintain relationships with your prospects and follow up!


• Post on Social Media about Younique. (personal and biz pages)
◦ Thank customers for ordering, post their before and afters and testimonials.
◦ Welcome new team members on your wall and Tag them.
◦ Post photos of you wearing products.
◦ Post videos of you using the products – tutorials/demos/tips and tricks
◦ Post Photos of your Younique Cash and Carry Shipments.
◦ Share others’ success stories.
◦ If you are going to “sell” and post an ad, show them how your product can make THEIR lives better. Make it ALL about them! Do not post how close you are to YOUR goals. Always look at your ad and ask yourself if that “would that inspire ME to make a purchase?
• Work on branding yourself so that all your friends know that YOU are their Younique Lash Lady! You do this by posting you having fun with Younique products and showing how the business has improved your life and the lives of others.
• Network online in Groups by liking and commenting on posts that you are genuinely interested in. Let your personalty shine so others “notice” you and go back and forth with people in comments… Tag them and build a relationship. Then send them a friend request. IF you did it right and they feel like they know you then they will accept it!
• Find Followers on IG… Start Following them and they usually follow you back!
• Increase your Facebook EdgeRank by choosing 5 people from your working List and engaging on their posts and the following day, rekindle the relationship with a FB Chat or a phone call. Let them know you were thinking of them (which you were) and just wanted to catch up. Allow the conversation to uncover your new business venture… Do not push it on them. BE TRULY INTERESTED IN THEM and let them ask about you.
• Go to face-to-face networking events where everyone is there to help each other build their business. (BNI, Chamber Events, Meetups!)
• Partner with Beauty Businesses to see if you can put a permanent display in their retail location where you can leave cards/catalogs.
• Make application videos, how-to’s, demos and share with customers to make sure they know HOW to CONSUME those products!


• Make your LIST! DO not keep the names in your head. WRITE OR TYPE OUT. You really should not be doing ANYTHING until you have a list. (See Eric Worre’s Memory Jogger)
• Set a schedule DAILY of your activities (the night before). Focus on what you want to accomplish and choose activities that will bring help you achieve your goal. Develop discipline and do not let your distractions design your activities for the day. Make your list and STICK TO IT!
• Set an enrollment appointment and WEEKLY call/FB Chat with your Sponsor for your first 30-90 days. Keep it positive and ASK FOR GUIDANCE. If you are not succeeding in your business, YOU need to ask for help. That is YOUR responsibility.
• Work on Your WHY and short term and long term goals. Make sure you are connected to the reason you want to work this business and what you plan to accomplish. (Work on this with your Sponsor and make sure you WRITE THESE DOWN TOO).
• Plug in to Younique conference calls for training (Talk to your Sponsor for specific recommendations).
• Make sure you have read through all 5 Courses in the YOUniversity!
• Watch YouTube Videos – both attitude, belief and mindset training and Makeup Tutorials (Talk to your Sponsor for some recommendations).
• Read Books on Network Marketing, Law of Attraction, Building Relationships/Networking, Communicating, Sales (again, YOUR UPLINE is a wealth of knowledge – Reach UP!!)
• Write out blurbs to PM to your friends — send to another Y sister/Sponsor/close friend for review and rewrite so people are responding. **Always end it with a question to engage!
◦ looking for hostesses
◦ presenting the opportunity (3C’s Crazy, Compliment, Confident)
• Write a 30 second elevator speech – Share with them what you do, why you do it and why they should do business with you! Being prepared will increase your confidence so you feel good about striking up conversations with others.
• Practice verbally (with other Y sisters, friends, to your kids or in the mirror!) what you would say and how you would talk to someone about Younique. For extra credit, write it out and/or practice on video. Again, being prepared will increase your confidence exponentially!
• Set up a meeting with a MUA who can show you how to create some simple looks that you can recreate and make a video for your customers who purchase those collections!
• Be knowledgeable about the products… be able to show others why they should switch from what they are currently using to Younique.
• Get organized! Make sure your photos are organized (especially for virtual parties)! Create folders for Lashes, Pigments, Lips, etc. Pre-write fun posts when you are feeling creative and store in a file so you can easily cut and paste.