Eric Worre Memory Jogger

If you haven’t heard of Eric Worre yet, then you’re still new to the world of Network Marketing.

With over 25 years of experience in the profession, Eric has built a solid reputation as one of the most knowledgeable Network Marketing experts.

With over $15 million in earnings and a sales organization that spans 60 countries and more than 500,000 distributors, that reputation is well-earned. However, he was not always the success that he is today.

Eric entered college with dreams of becoming a football star.

An injury early in his first season destroyed those dreams, and he dropped out of college a short time later.

After a long series of dead end jobs he joined his father’s real estate firm and failed miserably, ending his first year tens of thousands of dollars in the red.

Eric Worre

These failures taught him some important lessons about business, so that when a new opportunity came his way, he was ready to make it work.

Eric’s father and his business partner invited him to come along with them to attend a network marketing presentation by National Safety Associates.

He saw the opportunities inherent in Network Marketing, and put his experience to good use. He made $7,500 his first month and even more in the months after that. Instead of spending this money, he reinvested almost everything in the business.

Living on the equivalent of $5 per hour, he focused his efforts on growing his business, and in just a few years was seeing a six figure income. He then took the business strategy that he developed with NSA and sold it for millions.

After further experience with another company, Eric co-founded television network focusing on personal development, and went on to rise to the top of Agel Enterprises, with yearly earnings in the millions.

Today, he works as a motivational speaker and business adviser, and spends a lot of time developing, a company that provides professional Network Marketing advice from multimillion dollar earners in the form of video interviews and commentary.

Eric Worre

The reason that Eric has been so successful is that he realizes that Network Marketing is a job, a job that requires the development of the right skills and infrastructure.

As he tells his trainees, “Like anything of value, it will take some time.” Unlike some who get into the field expecting to get rich in the first few months, Eric recognizes that the field is not perfect, that it requires a lot of hard work and dedication like any other field of business does.

He rejects the flashy hard-sell approach of those who are looking for quick, short-term boosts to their network and instead concentrates on building genuine, people-oriented relationships. He gets to know the people in his teams as people, building social media networks by building friendships and avoiding spam.

One of his keys to network building is to “Use Social media. Don’t abuse Social media.”

Perhaps his most important piece of advice to up and coming Network Marketers is to learn to take personal responsibility for everything in their lives: their marketing plans, their emotions, and the results that their plans bring.

This no-nonsense approach to network marketing has benefited the lives of thousands. He has trained over 250,000 people in his approach, and many of them have gone on to become Network Marketing success stories in their own rights. It has also greatly improved his own life.

From struggling to make ends meet, Eric now has the time and freedom to pursue his own interests, such as world travel and cinema. Anyone wanting the free time and financial resources to pursue their own passions could greatly benefit from learning from Eric’s business philosophy.


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