Fast Start

fast start


GET your FAST START!! What is Fast Start? $2,000 in PRS (personal retail sales) and sponsor 3 presenters. What do you receive? $250 BONUS in FREE product!! Shoot for this and you will get your pay raise along the way!! What does that mean? Yellow Status! You’ll get 25% back in your commissions instead of 20%! That’s a nice raise!! Make sure you achieve Fast Start quickly because you only have 90 days from your enrollment date to get it. If not, you lose it.  Don’t do that! That is 9 sets of FREE lashes, which is revenue in your pocket!

Congratulations on starting your own business!! You’re in the right place at the right time!! Lean on your Sponsor and your Elites to help you! We’re all in this together!! And have a BLAST Mascara Dealin! And most of all, have FUN!!!