1. . You need to know what you can or can’t do with our products and the marketing of them. NEW YOUNIQUE PRESENTER GUIDE. Do not post your website or message people looking for more information on the corporate Younique FB page or another Presenter’s page/group. Corporate distributes leads as they see fit and posting your website on another Presenter’s page is just bad taste.

You CANNOT sell Younique products on 3rd party websites like Ebay, Craigslist, StoreEnvy, an online Boutique etc… It is against company policies. If Presenters are involved they get one strike warning. If they don’t act immediately is grounds for termination.” I don’t want anyone in my downline to lose out because they violated this! If you see someone advertising products on those sites, please email the information to There is no need to contact the presenter in question. You may only market the opportunity on Buy-Sell-Trade, classifieds, and upcycle groups. You can not market the products. You CAN however market the products in a secret or closed group on Facebook that YOU admin.

2. LOG INTO YOUR WEBSITE. Take a little time to get familiar with the site and the products. Check into your back office. You can order Business cards under the Business supplies tab by following the VistaPrint link. Take the weekly training courses. Its for YOUR business!!!!

3. START YOUR FIRST ONLINE PARTY. Read through our ONLINE PARTY TIPS Make sure you go to YOUR website (not just the corporate site). Login and click on “my office” and then click on “parties I’m hosting”. For this party choose yourself as the host– this will be the link you’re going to send those who are interested in purchasing. Any products you order for yourself, make sure you order them through your party.. Make sure to invite EVERYONE to your launch party!! Encourage your friends and customers to book parties!! If you need ideas, join another Presenter’s party. There’s no ONE way to do it- find what works for you and then, go for it.

4How to MAXIMIZE your sales using Facebook & CREATE A BUSINESS FACEBOOK PAGE and share it will all your friends. You can’t just use “younique” only in the name. You must specify that you are an Independent Younique Presenter. So, “Younique by Lindsay” is okay. You can begin that process by starting here:

5. One of the best things you can do is to post something on your profile. Take a photo of you with the lashes on OR use another photo from our photo gallery. On your post don’t write too much info!!! This is REALLY important. You want to peak your friends curiosity so they will ask more questions. Here’s an example of what to write:
“Just discovered this super cool product that makes my lashes look awesome! I’m in love!!!! Let me know if you want more info about it!!”

6. WRITE DOWN YOUR OWN “30 SEC COMMERCIAL”. This will be how you introduce Younique to others. Practice saying it so it is 2nd nature and just rolls off your tongue.

“Hey! Have you ever heard of this amazing mascara? I can not believe what it has done for my lashes! Its incredible. Its called Younique. They are a naturally based company with amazing products, ranging from cosmetics to a skin care line! Are you interested? I staretd a new journey and I’m actually a presenter now! Check it  out…..”

7. MAKE A LIST OF 100. Make a list of everyone you know and start contacting and inviting them to participate with Younique in any of the following ways: joining as a Presenter, hosting a Party, purchasing products, or referring a friend.
Write a star next to or circle those who have a large network or have influence in their circles. These are great people to start with! Invite them to learn more about the business, host a party or try out the products for themselves.

Parties – both online and in person are great ways of marketing and sharing the products. They help you to meet people outside of your immediate circle. Get off to a great start by booking 5-6 parties right away.


Listen in to Cara Cloyd, Exclusive Black Presenter: CLICK HERE   or dial in  (712) 432-1219 Meeting ID: 803-263-469# and ref #13
Have pen and paper ready!